Literate your customers “digitally” via multi-media’s extraordinary technological advances highlighting every minute detail of your professional or corporate profile through an evolving, fresh out-of-the-box marketing and sales concept: CD Business Cards (e-BizCards).

Presented interactively in various forms; as a “business (visiting) card”, your “corporate profile”, “product demonstration”, “tutorial”, etc. all packaged in a 40 MB diskette with shear simplicity and minimalism, being the graceful motive.

Have the privilege to invite your customers with elegance and diplomacy to brief your empire in the size of your business card. That is the POWER you carry with your e-BizCard. A size which fits right into your pocket or wallet, with the power of Thejes graphics, audio, video and animation expertise is what you will distribute and share with your clients. You will be scaled to new heights enabling you to make a web-link with your e-BizCard content that will drive clients to your corporate website to furnish more valuable information on just the click of a button.

Benefits you get from the Thejes e-BizCards:

  • The Business Card CD is compact and portable and plays in almost all CD drives.

  • The typical card holds 40 to 50 MB of information.

  • Simply place your Business Card CD into the inner ring of a computer's CD drive to view the content presentation.

  • We offer high-end business card CDs at an affordable price.

  • We can also custom design labels for your Business Card CDs.

  • Content which can include your website, interactive presentations with digital audio, video, text, 2D or 3D animations, voice-overs, links to websites and printable materials.

  • Can cost less, and is more effective than your ordinary print brochures.
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